Git isn’t noticing the changes you made to your .gitignore file

If it seems like Git isn’t noticing the changes you made to your .gitignore file, you might want to check the following points:

  • There might be a global .gitignore file that might interfere with your local one
  • When you add something into a .gitignore file, try this:
git add [uncommitted changes you want to keep] && git commit
git rm -r --cached .
git add .
git commit -m "fixed untracked files"
  • If you remove something from a .gitignore file, and the above steps maybe don’t work,if you found the above steps are not working, try this:
it add -f [files you want to track again]
git commit -m "Refresh removing files from .gitignore file."

// For example, if you want the .java type file to be tracked again,
// The command should be:
// git add -f *.java


Remove Array Duplicates in ES6

const array = ['🐑', 1,  2, '🐑','🐑', 3];

// 1: "Set"
[ Set(array)];

// 2: "Filter"
array.filter((item, index) => array.indexOf(item) === index);

// 3: "Reduce"
array.reduce((unique, item) => 
  unique.includes(item) ? unique : [...unique, item], []);

// ['🐑', 1, 2, 3];

Remove duplicates from an array of objects in JavaScript

Nice and clean if you only want to remove objects with a single duplicate value, not so clean for fully duplicated objects.

export const uniqueArray = arr => {
return Object.values(
arr.reduce((acc, cur) => Object.assign(acc, { []: cur }), {}),

How to remove a big file wrongly committed

I added a large file to a git repository (102Mb), commited and push and got an error due to size limit limitations on github

remote: error: GH001: Large files detected. You may want to try Git Large File Storage - 
remote: error: Trace: 7d51855d4f834a90c5a5a526e93d2668
remote: error: See for more information.
remote: error: File coverage/sensitivity/simulated.bed is 102.00 MB; this exceeds GitHub's file size limit of 100.00 MB

Here, you see the path of the file (coverage/sensitivity/simualted.bed). 

So, the solution is actually quite simple (when you know it): you can use the filter-branch command as follows:

git filter-branch --tree-filter 'rm -rf path/to/your/file' HEAD git push