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September 28th, 2015

Making Quick and Easy Transitions Between the Holidays when Decorating As winter approaches every year, festivities in anticipation of the holiday season begin. People go to parties, buy their loved ones gifts, and spend hours cooking, baking, and eating. Others travel or head out to enjoy sports in the snow. No matter what you end up doing to celebrate, there is a high likelihood of having people over at your house. What’s the easiest way to get decorating for the holidays? Because there are three commonly celebrated holidays in November and December that run so closely together, it can become quite a whirlwind decorating for all of them on time. In order to jump from one to the other with some semblance of ease and grace, try having some bigger decorative items you can use to bring the holidays into your house. Try some spirited pillows, for instance, or a throw or blanket on the sofa for that cozy, holiday feel. In order to do this with as little stress as possible, it’s important to keep yourself organized. Group each holiday’s things into clear boxes with labels and then keep these containers in the same part of your house, like a corner of your basement. When you make the transition, simply toss your pieces from Thanksgiving into one box and pull out the Christmas items from the box next to it.
Decorations – Getting Started & Next Steps
To help reduce the amount of things you will need to change over, consider coming up with a common color palette for all holidays so that you can keep as many things out for as long as possible. Gold, white, and ivory work well for all of the holidays. Another useful color is green considering it is the shade of most Christmas trees and is probably the color of your ivy topiary, your cedar garland, and your holiday wreath. To change up the green, swap an orange ribbon for a red one on your wreath and you’ve automatically made the fall to winter switch without any heavy lifting. At the end of December, add some flashier colors and sparkles to dress up your decorations for the New Year. Switch from decorations that are more matte in color tone to ones that are shinier when the calendar turns over to December.
On Holidays: My Experience Explained
Unfortunately, the holiday season can get busy and stressful, but when it comes to decorating you can use these tips and tricks to keep the effort to a minimum. It’s always smart to stock up on decorations in January when they sell at discounted prices and then get them organized and packed up for when you need them at the end of the year. Don’t let a fun and festive part of the holidays slide by because you weren’t prepared or didn’t know how to get it all done.